I Started Djng in 1977 with my double decks and vinyl very old school you had to be a weightlifter to dj back in the day.
I remember the first gig i did was at the Black Horse Hersden, Nr Canterbury in Kent for day trippers from London to Margate.
First song i ever played was the Carpenters Sweet sweet smile.
I now live in Nottingham been here nearly 11 years I used too live in Canterbury lived there for too many years to mention
Been Djng most of my life on and off until around 3 years ago when i went into Internet Radio.
Now I just love presenting tunes from any era any genre.
My fave genre of music has to be glam rock grew up with it and still love it.
Love all music from Jazz from the 40’s right the way through to the top 40 from today.
Now looking forward to presenting on Iconic extra with all the other great presenters.
Doing a show on a couple of shows at the moment i hope you will be able to join me on Monday & Wednesday’s
Hope you can join me for a trip down memory lane & tunes from the charts today.
Looking forward to working on Iconic Extra.

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