DJ Grumpy


OK, first things first, I am a Curmudgeon! Now get out your Funk & Wagnalls and check that definition. I go by the nickname of Grumpy but I am not a dwarf – I am an over-fed, long haired, leaping Gnome! I am often quite opinionated, especially when it comes to music – go figure. Secondly I am a huge American and Worldwide FOOTBALL fan. And for those of you in the UK, yes I do understand that a real football is spherical and is played with the feet. For the past almost 40 years I have been a resident of Orlando Florida. I am a former bartender, sold used cars for awhile, and for a time, also a disco dance instructor. Oh, and I am a retired soccer referee (told you I knew that ball was spherical). Not sure if there is any connection in any of that! But that is the truth as I remember it.

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