Bushers & Sploits


When famous duos come to mind, you may think of the likes of Trevor and Simon, Jedward and even the likes of Keith and Orville. Until now!! Introducing to you the ‘New Kids on the Block’……Busher’s & Sploits!!
Busher’s a dairy farmer who has experience with Radio presenting from his Uni days and Sploits a previous DJ from Whitehaven, both now hailing from St Bees on the West Coast of Cumbria have been broadcasting together for 3 years. Both starting out during lockdown on St Bees Community Radio but then moving over to America to broadcast on FM to Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. They have also presented on DAB in South Cumbria and Northern Lancashire!

Busher’s & Sploits brings to you their hilarious anecdotes with a show full of banter, merriment and great radio features such as:

 Versus – where we battle for your votes with the power of song on a different theme
each week!
 Cheesy Jokes – these will ‘brie’ a smile to your face (very few if any jokes are about
 Busher’s Banger – A song choice that will have you dancing where ever you are!
 And many more (what ever they think of………)

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