Barbara AKA Witchy


Do not under any circumstances be fooled by the sweet picture. Looks like an angel, walks like an angel, talks like ……….. yes, it’s me, the Devil in Disguise!
What do I like in music? Well, I guess like most people, it depends on my mood but mostly anything upbeat and with a bounce to it! My favourite band is Queen and my favourite male singer is George Michael. I am quite whimsical and say what I think about music.
I have two utterly amazing children and one Rescue Dog. The dog is called Prince and he is so handsome that he was chosen to appear on a calendar this year. Basically, I am a cheerful bunny who is always happy to help.
I present Barbara’s Backtrackin which is a fun (well, I think it is!) one hour show with a feature called “Under The Covers”. Tune in to find out more! If you would like a request then, no problem! Let me know and I’ll play it for you!

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