DJ Richard


My name is Dj Richard also mentioned here in the netherlands as Dj Richard Baasje, I am a Blues Dj therefore also specialized in blues music and in the blues world, from sixteen July official member of this beautiful radio.

I’m 22 years old and come from a musical family so I’m 8 years old radio dj, I’ve been out for a while until 2 years back when I picked everything up again and I went full for it again. Due to private reasons I can not work so I have all the time to present and make radio shows so you might hear me even more often than just on Friday.

Besides radio DJ I also do artist promotion, if you are a blues band / act / artist send your music to the following email address and then you will be both promoted in the Uk and in the Netherlands because I have a program on several radios!

See you soon and otherwise you will hear me!

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